A CCIE Journey Pt. 3 - Cisco CE's!

As of yesterday, June 6th, 2017, Cisco is now accepting very specific forms of Continuing Education credits for Cisco Certification renewal! The link to the announcement is listed below:

Click Here for the Cisco CE Announcement!

Here is the "lowdown". Sign up for the CE program at http://ce.cisco.com. You need to acquire 100-credits within any certification cycle and submit them via the CE portal at the aforementioned website.

These aren't just any credits though like with ISC2 (if you are familiar with the CISSP CE process). They basically have to come from the listed Official Cisco Training through an Official Cisco Training Partner. When I opened a TAC Case with Cisco CE to confirm how many credits the Global Knowledge CCIE CCIERS1 and 2 were worth they redirected me to Global Knowledge directly and could not provide the answer. Global Knowledge did confirm their courses do qualify for the CE's toward recertification.

But here is the catch, I don't have to take CCIE level training to apply CE credits toward my CCIE re-certification! I can take CCNA level online training through Cisco and that will apply toward my re-certification!

Why do I mention this, because this process is absolutely geared toward easy and cheap re-certification for Cisco employees, but not us non-Cisco types. Why? Because Cisco employees get to attend Cisco Live and the sessions and get free Official Cisco training and all of it counts as CE's! However, for us civilians this cost gets very expensive.

For example. To take the Global Knowledge CCIERS 1 and 2 is worth 50 and 47 credits (47?!?!?!) respective. Only 3 credits short of a re-certification. However those classes are around 4k a piece! However, for 750.00 you can take a lower level CCNA course and get 30 credits. Go figure.

This is not a cheap way to re-cert. But it is a way to re-cert without having to dedicated 3-4 months of your life every 2 years to re-certify the "old fashion way" at the CCIE level!

Now all I have to do as get 100-credits before March 15, 2018 to come out of my CCIE Suspended status and back to Active before I lose it completely.

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