Second Cisco Tech Day!

After last year's Cisco Tech Day my expectations were calibrated, and so went into this years Honolulu event with one immediate thought on my mind...the FREE food!

However, immediately I became of something devastating. The food is not the same every year! There was no grand breakfast like last year, and although devastating (wipes away tear), it was not a deal breaker. But when I learned there was no social after the event like last year, I was perplexed as I left the Hawaiian Village Hilton Hotel. But let's move on to what's important.

In order to ensure participants interacted with the vendors, a game was made of it to get each vendor to sign their logo on a common sort of "bingo" card. Once complete we turned in the card and hoped to win a prize, but to get the prize you had to get to the drawing and not get distracted by the presentations. Not the best fit, but I tend not to win those things moving on.

I absolutely loved the people and the sessions! It may be because relationships have been formed and it was nice to see some of the same people, and it was nice to see the evolution of concepts I was first introduced to last year, especially where Cisco is going with their UCS platform in terms of modular virtual routing (at least the concept is very intriguing).

Cisco was even nice enough to send all registered participants a copy of the presentations! Click below to download the PDF with some of the presentation links.

Click Here for the Cisco Tech Day 2017 Presentations.

Session 1:

- Gigabit Wi-Fi, the New Network Edge

- What is Hyper Convergence?

- Hawaii Department of Education

Session 2:

- New Solutions in Cisco Routing

- Cisco Security Bootcamp Session 1

- Overview of the UCS Platform and Best Practice Designs

Session 3:

- New Age of Network Management - Cisco Prime Infrastructure and APIC-EM

- Cisco Security Bootcamp Session 2 - Advanced Malware (AMP)

- Cisco Collaboration Today, Tomorrow, and the Future

Session 4:

- Easy Button Networking with Cisco Cloud - Meraki Enterprise Networking

- New Solutions in Cisco Switching

- Video is the New Voice

Session 5:

- Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Tetration Analytics

- Datacenter Design with the Nexus Portfolio

- Lancope

What hands down stole the show for me was Lancope. Perfect combination of both the Presenter and the Product. Lancope is something like a correlation engine on steriods. Feed it with all the SYSLOGS and NETFLOW from all your network devices, and it will not only tell you of the threats and intrusions, but also maps your entire network based upon the input and can follow the event, in detail, through your network.

I want this product and I want it yesterday. I really enjoyed Tech Day this year, which was surprising, especially when the food and social aspects were not as thoroughly done as last year.

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