Fear of Exposure

In keeping with the October theme of all things related fear, perhaps it’s fitting we discuss our own fear in the workplace. The aspect of fear that we’ll discuss is that of being exposed for what we don’t know. Too many in the IT field somehow believe that they have to convince everyone that they do not need help and have all the answers. Perhaps this is a subconscious thing as opposed to a known trait, but at the end of the day this fear of exposure will hinder the growth of an technician, and the efficiency of their IT operation.

As a younger, more immature technician (won’t say IT professional), I made mistakes...plenty of them. I learned from them, I grew from them, I kept what worked and made a note of what didn’t. The result was the evolution of myself as an IT technician who could make a positive impact to an organization and enhance its operation in terms of efficiency, stress, and ability to dynamically react to a variety of situations successfully.

Over the years I have seen many personnel in the IT field who are staggered in their growth because they don’t know how to reach out for help. They don’t know how to say, “I don’t know” or even admit that there might be a better way than the one they are using. These individuals tend to blame and everyone and everything around them for their failures. Don’t be like this.

The best technicians I’ve seen are the ones who admit to both their subordinates, peers, and superiors their own shortcomings and need for additional help and/or training. This may seem counter-intuitive but it shouldn’t be. There is nothing to be afraid of when admitting you may not have all the answers. This is a highly respected trait in an individual. The other side of this is that a technician who can’t or doesn’t know when to ask for help while drive their operation into a brick wall, or worse, cause their organization to accept mediocrity under the false guise of excellence.

The more I’ve grown as an IT professional the more I’ve realized how much I don’t know. Technology is so vast, so complex, so changing that it is impossible to get a complete grasp on everything that technology has to offer. Add on to that the additional requirements of running a successful IT operation, managing people, and communicating the value of IT to the rest of the company and we’ll quickly find ourselves in over our head.

There is no debate that proves in individual effort is better then a team effort. It’s not the best player that wins a championship, but the best team. Focus on building your team, focus on developing players who complement the strengths and weaknesses of the members of your team. Do not fear not having all the answers, and never fear an opportunity to learn how to do your job better. You, your team, and your organization will only become better for it.

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